About me

My name is Brendan Christopher.  I am based in Derbyshire and began Wildlife Workshops in 2007.  Wildlife Workshops is a small family run business.  Although I have always had a passion for animals and their welfare, I have always loved acting and graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in 1990.  Since then I have worked intermittently as a professional actor.

 Additionally, my other work has been people centred, as a community development worker, education development worker and a mental health support worker.  Through my involvement in education I have been fortunate enough to be a mentor for young people at risk of exclusion and also a Shotokan black belt Karate teacher. 

I have worked with my animals in a variety of settings.  Without exception they have had a magical impact on people of all ages and abilities. I am especially interested in the mutually beneficial relationships that animals and humans share.

About my animals

The majority of my animals have been rescued and all have been chosen for their placid nature and safe handling (click here for photos)

Thankfully, there are many people and organisations working tirelessly on behalf of animals around the world.  Wildlife Workshops has chosen to focus on those animals that could be found in any home in Britain today.  From chinchillas and hamsters to lizards and snakes, a diverse number of exotic animals are now being kept as pets.  It is our aim to help educate and inform people about how to care for these beautiful creatures and what a huge responsibility it is to welcome any animal into your home.

My animals' 'magic' helps me to spread those important welfare messages by enchanting, exciting and engaging an audience.  Overall, as well as being central to the workshops, all the animals live at my home and are also much loved family pets.