The work that I do with a range of adults has proved very popular and can have profound effects.  Many adults have phobias about animals which have remained with them from childhood.  When these fears are challenged, people can experience a real sense of respect and compassion for the animals they were most anxious about.

The benefits of human and animal interaction has been well researched, and my personal experience supports the value that animals can have within the theraputic process.  This magical connection can also be the catalyst for us to overcome feelings of fear or vulnerability.  Overall, I've found that when most people experience the wonder of beautiful and unusual animals first-hand, they are fascinated, sometimes fearful, but always kind.



The workshops are perfect for adults of all abilities and backgrounds.  Whether it's facing a fear of spiders and snakes or simply enjoying the animal handling experience, the sessions are unique and great fun.

The work that I have done in Care Homes, Prisons and Schools has proved to be immensely beneficial for everyone involved.  The animal interaction has provided a vehicle for people to use in order to connect with their own human instincts and genuinely feel love and compassion for another living creature.  The therapeutic benefit of such experiences can be profound.