Animal Gallery Animal Gallery George, Sandra and baby George, Sandra and baby. Chinchillas, native to the Andes 107152891 Petal and Scarlet Petal and Scarlet. Chillian Rose Tarantulas, native to South America 31897423 Gretel Gretel. Giant German lop eared rabbit, native to Germany. (And Ben, rescued Trail Hound) 107152889 Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet. Bearded Dragons, native to Australia 31897425 Blaster and Darwin Blaster and Darwin. Teddy Bear Guinea pigs, native to America 107152884 Bobbi Bobbi. Gecko Lizard, native to South East Asia 31897416 Barney Barney. Dwarf Hamster, native to Russia 107152883 Cornflake and Popcorn Cornflake and Popcorn. Corn Snakes, native to North America 31897430 Sherlock and Watson Sherlock and Watson. Pet Dumbo Rats, native to Europe 107152890 Shrek and Fernando Shrek and Fernando. Tree Frogs, native to Central and South America and also Europe 31897428 Eric and Albert Eric and Albert. Short haired guinea pigs, native to America 107152887 Bernie Bernie. Horsefield Tortoise, native to Russia 113153256 Scorch and Ebony Scorch and Ebony. Emperor Scorpions, native to Africa 31897427 Elsie and Ernie Elsie and Ernie. Steppe Lemings, native to Russia 107152888 Milli and Billi Milli and Billi. Giant Millipedes, native to Africa 31897422 Emma and Jane Emma and Jane. Short haired guinea pigs, native to America 107152886 Flame and Ember Flame and Ember. Fire Bellied Toads, native to Asia 31897419 George, Sandra and baby George Sandra and baby. Chinchillas, native to the Andes 107152885 Linford, Brian, Bill and Ben Linford, Brian, Bill and Ben. Giant Land Snails, native to East Africa 31897429 Coach and Roach Coach and Roach. Giant Hissing Cockroaches, native to Madagaska in Africa 31897418