Wildlife Workshops Prices 

1 hour session during weekdays £70.00*

1 hour session during weekends/evenings £90.00*

(*Plus travel costs @ 45p per mile).  We are based near Alfreton, Debyshire

Postcode DE55 6EB




Wildlife Workshops Packages


I bring a range of animals from chinchillas, rabbit and guinea pigs to snakes, tarantula spider and lizards. Children and adults are being exposed to ever more exotic pets in their homes and my aim is to educate them about how to handle and care for these beautiful creatures.

 Community Cohesion

I work with many different professionals on projects around community cohesion.  My animals can be used very successfully as a vehicle through which to explore a range of social issues.  For example, I have worked with Derbyshire Constabulary to support the 'Respect' agenda. 


I bring a range of minibeasts, from the giant african millipede to the giant hissing cockroach.  These wonderful creatures provide hands-on experience of how to appreciate the role all animals play within the interdependency of nature's cycles.

Sustainable Schools:

Rain Forest and Exotic Climates

Animals varying from tarantulas to fire bellied toads are brought into your setting and children are taught to respect the role that each creature plays within the planet's complex eco system.  The various habitats are considered and the factors needed to sustain life.

European Wildlife

Many of the animals that Wildlife Workshops use originate from exotic habitats.  Individual species have evolved over time to suit their environment. These 'adaptations', provide a platform on which to explore the different species we find both locally and in the wider world.  Discussions and educational debate are stimulated through the presence of snakes, snails, rabbits etc.


Animal Workshops

General animal handling skills and the thrill of engaging with a range of amazing creatures is the central focus for this package.  Children are encouraged to see their own power within the context of their own emotional well-being and the well-being of the communities in which they live and grow.  This session will involve the full variety of Wildlife Workshop animals and every individual will be supported to overcome fears and prejudices based on misconceptions about animals.  This package offers therapeutic benefits for everyone and provides the opportunity for the magical connection between humans and animals to manifest itself.


Outdoor Events

We are happy to provide workshops in outdoor spaces between the months of April and October.  However, if weather conditions during this time are particularly cold and/or wet, we may need to be accommodated indoors.  During the months of November through to March, for animal welfare reasons we are unable to consider working at outdoor venues.  Many of our animals need special heating considerations and as such the environments into which we take them must always be able to meet their needs. 

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