Young People

  My work with young people provides the magical stimulation to promote further learning.  The hands-on experiences engage children of 2 years old up to young people of 19.  My work is designed to break down barriers, promote respect, educate and to offer therapeutic benefits.  



Young people are encouraged to question, debate and express themselves in a safe and challenging environment.  From highly motivated individuals to disaffected youngsters, my animals captivate and enable people to value themselves and their own unique qualities.




Children learn a great deal about animals, habitats, eco systems and environmental sustainability with the workshop packages I offer.  For more information please return to the 'Home Page' and explore the wildlife packages in more detail.



  Much of my work is done delivering packages in schools.  I have experienced working with children in Nursery schools, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Special schools.   Children of all abilities have been engaged with my animals and I am skilled at working in classroom environments, delivering open days and providing INSET training.  Schools have also found my workshops particularly useful when engaging in community and parent focused days.  As a reward for specific groups of children at different times, my wildlife packages are often used as a unique incentive.


My work encourages people as individuals to reflect on their attitudes and principles as well as collectively nudging our social conscience. 

The therapeutic benefits that animals offer are well researched and my work also empowers young people to overcome their fears and phobias.  For more information on the benefits of animal and human interaction please see the links which can be found on the 'Adults' page.






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